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SUPER CUSTOM!! THE UNSUNG HERO!! Where do we even begin with this incredible bait?!?!  You are going to want to be one of the first to tie on this forward thinking, iconic, up-to-the-minute hair jig. You will Geek Out over the insane customization and preeminent materials that bring the "LUNCH LADY" to life.  This SUPERGLOW hair jig is guaranteed to GLOW-YOUR-MIND!!  White has been proven time after time to be one of the most stand out and productive colors for all species. During daylight hours or in clear water, she has a beautiful bait-fish silhouette finished off with bright red lipstick.  In stained water, or low light conditions, she has that extra GLOW to really stand out!  WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN "LUNCH LADY" LAND!!  SLOPPY JOE-SLOP-SLOPPY JOE