Custom Rods

If you’re as passionate about fishing as we are then a Kit’s Tackle custom rod awaits you. Our custom rods are more like a secret weapon that you can become one with, build confidence in and slay the monsters of the deep. Here at Kit’s Tackle we create rods that not only perform at the highest level, but will fry your fish sticks! If you value a truly high level of performance and one-of-kind craftsmanship, a custom rod from Kit’s Tackle will become one of your most trusted and prized possessions. A master-crafted custom rod can also last lifetimes becoming a genuine heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Why a custom rod from Kit's Tackle?

That’s simple, a custom rod from Kit’s Tackle is a finely tuned precision fishing instrument built to the most demanding specifications anywhere in the world! Kit’s tackle employs only the industries finest rod blanks and components. We consider ourselves as the elite rod crafters in the world today and will build a custom rod to accommodate almost any need or desire you may have. Rather it’s your favorite sports team or the colors to match a unique personality, a custom rod from Kit’s Tackle will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece guaranteed to be a highly specialized tool. If you want to feel what we feel on the water a Kit’s Tackle custom rod is a must!!!

Most important structural factors you get with a custom rod and not a stock rod:

  1. Perfectly hand splined for maximum performance and accuracy which is of paramount importance.
  2. The industries finest components rather than the lower quality (guides, reel seats, ect.) that are used on stock rods. For example, Kit’s Tackle stresses the use of Fuji SiC(silicon Carbide) guides which are the lightest, hardest and slickest guides on the planet.
  3. A custom rod is built uniquely for you and your specific angling needs. Stock rods are mass produced for the average person and all look and feel exactly the same. Let’s face it, if you were just an average fisherman you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
  4. We as custom rod builders become passionate with each rod we build dreaming of the adventures its future will hold. All rods are wrapped completely by hand ensuring perfection in the final product.
  5. Sensitivity will be much greater due to the overall hand crafted construction of the rod. The use of modern lightweight components and rod building practices ensure the highest quality rod available today.
  6. Proper rod balance will significantly reduce the amount of fatigue put on an angler throughout a day of fishing.
  7. Optimum guide placement for the longest and most accurate casts.
  8. A fine diameter (size A) thread is used to wrap all guides ensuring superior guide strength and functionality.
  9. Custom handles build from the finest cork rings available anywhere in the world. All handles are built to achieve perfect balance in the rod one cork ring at a time. Each ring is individually epoxied to the blank to safeguard the future of the handle. All handles are hand sanded on a lathe to fit a fisherman’s hand. 

Can I follow along as my rod is being built?

Absolutely. We want the rod to be perfect so we will send you pictures and updates of the progress for approval of thread colors and decorative wraps, ect. We want the whole process to be exciting and fun for you, but most importantly ensuring no surprises when the rod arrives to you. We understand a custom rod is a big commitment and want you to feel good about buying a custom rod from Kit’s Tackle.

Is a custom rod expensive?

Surprisingly not. A custom rod will be more than a basic stock rod off the shelf but many anglers believe the higher level of performance and quality is worth spending a bit extra. You would be surprised how comparable we are to certain stock rods while offering refined performance. There are so many options available in the world of custom rod building that we consult directly with you about price.

Sports teams themed rods

We understand that a lot of fishermen are also sports fanatics! We can build a custom rod themed around your favorite sports team from any game. What’s cooler than out fishing your buddy…out fishing your buddy with his rival sports team on your rod!!!

How do I order a Custom Rod through Kit's Tackle? 

The birth of every Kit’s Tackle custom rod begins with an initial consultation to ensure your specific needs to make it uniquely your own. We at Kit’s Tackle take pride in our vast knowledge of fishing and the art of custom rod building making us the perfect consultant in determining the dynamics of your new custom rod. We will begin by assisting you in designing a rod that is constructed around your exact angling requirements that best fits you. We as professional rod builders can accommodate to almost any need or desire you may have with your new custom rod. After determining your targeted species and fishing methods we will select the perfect blank for your desired application. This will then enable us to select the exact group of components to ensure the master completion of your rod. The Consulting phase is the first and most important step in the process of creating your new custom rod. So if you are truly passionate about the sport of fishing and demand only the best quality and performance call or email us today.
For a more personal touch: 406.459.2841

Custom rod warranty 


We take great pride in our craft and want you to feel as comfortable as possible purchasing your new Kit’s Tackle custom rod. Kit’s Tackle custom rods come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner. By offering this warranty you can feel secure about your important new investment.


At Kit’s Tackle’s discretion, we will replace or repair any damages that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials in a timely manner. If we can no longer obtain the original style parts, we will replace those parts with the closest comparable style from our current vendors.
Kit’s Tackle is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages to your rod. If the problem is due to an unfortunate accident, misuse, alteration or normal wear and tear, we will advise you of the cost of the repair or replacement and await your approval prior to proceeding. However, most rod manufactures carry a respectable warranty policy on their blanks making it possible to repair damaged rods. At the blank manufactures discretion they will either replace the blank or charge a replacement fee. For example, St. Croix will either replace the blank for free or charge $50 no questions asked. This does not include shipping charges to and from the manufacturer.
In the unfortunate event something does happen to your custom rod please contact us immediately and we will advise you of the best way to repair or replace it. We want to keep you fishing and will do everything in our power to make sure we do…you have our word!

Please contact us for directions on how to process your custom rod warranty claim.



1. Blank: Each blank comes from the manufacturer with rotational variations. The master rod builders at Kit’s Tackle meticulously isolate the spine by sight and feel to correct the variation in each rod to achieve optimum performance. The customer can choose from a wide variety of blank manufacturers. The manufacturers offer a selection of blanks ranging from fiber glass to high modulus graphite. 2. Reel Seat: Kits’ Tackle uses lightweight reel seats to help maximize efficiency and sensitivity. The customer can choose from titanium, graphite, machined nickel-silver, anodized aluminum and other reel seats with optional hardwood inserts. Reel seats give any custom built rod an aesthetic that makes the rod elegant and mesmerizing. 3. Handle: Cork handles are hand crafted for comfort. The cork is hand-sanded on a lathe to fit perfectly into a fisherman’s hand.  Angers have their choice of solid colored or patterned handles. 4. Hook Keeper: All rods come equipped with a hook keeper to hold the hook in place while not fishing. The hook keeper prevents anglers from placing the hook in a guide causing damage to it.
5. Wrap (optional): Each rod is hand wrapped with a fine nylon thread creating a decorative design. The customer can choose from a variety of colors and styles and customize a rod to represent his/her personality. The wraps are of superior intricacy and precision to create beautiful overlays on the rod. 6. Guides: The distance between each guide is precisely measured to strengthen the natural bend of the rod. If the guides are spaced incorrectly, energy is lost when the angler cast resulting in inaccurate and shortened casts. Kit’s Tackle’s guides are spaced for accuracy. Guides can be hand wrapped to match the wrap on the body of the rod. 7. Ferrule Wrap: Rods with more than one piece are wrapped on the female section where the pieces fit together to give the rod extra support and reinforcement. 8. Tip Top: The tip of the rod is finished with a lightweight top which increases line sensitivity throughout the rod. The tip is decorated with the same wrap as the guides and the body of the rod to match the overall appearance.



Being a custom rod manufacturer we want to build the perfect rod for you. We are happy to use any rod blank manufacturer or components you choose for your custom rod. Below is a list of the components we recommend and have put our utmost trust into. This allows us to deliver you the highest quality custom rod.


“Great rods begin with the highest quality blank materials and expert manufacturing techniques and processes.”-St. Croix. We feel St. Croix designs and engineers the finest rod blanks on the market today. They also boast the industries best warranty policy making them a fine choice for custom rod building applications. St. Croix is 100% American made in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

Reel Seats:

Fly Rods

REC “Master Series” Nickel Silver Reel Seats
Made exclusively for the experienced rod builder REC has created a collection of distinctive nickel silver reel seats for any rod weight and application. Rods built with REC reel seats become treasured show- pieces and extremely functional fishing tools that will last a lifetime. Gleaming nickel silver fittings coupled with select hardwood or cork spacers highlight this series.

Spinning Rods

Fuji DPSM Real Seats
Fuji Reel Seats are the benchmark of handle design. Built to last, all Fuji reel seats are designed with graphite nylon bodies, exclusive stainless steel hoods, with lined cushioned inserts to offer a lightweight reel seat with superior strength and corrosion resistance. Uniform design for increased comfort and self-aligned hoods provides a solid lockdown on your reel foot. These real seats are the industries finest.


Fuji Silicon Carbide Concept Guides
Super hard diamond polished silicon carbide (SIC) rings are 12 times harder, dissipate heat 4 times faster, and are over 60% lighter than a comparable stainless steel ring. SIC rings are mounted directly to the stainless frame. These are the slickest, hardest and most lightweight guides on the planet.


Gudebrod NCP Nylon Thread
Stronger by weight than steel wire! Of all styles of thread manufactured by Gudebrod, the Nylon wrapping thread is the strongest and has the brightest color. Pressure dyed with high quality, color fast dye material. This thread is the best choice for wrapping guides, decorative diamond wraps on rod butts.

Cork Rings:

We use only super grade cork rings for all our custom fishing rods. These cork rings are clear of most imperfections and pits creating the best handles.
We use exotic burl cork rings for accent trim to create unique custom rod handle designs. All burl cork rings are the super grade cork.