Our Company

First and foremost, I want to thank you just as honestly and sincerely as I can for taking an interest in Kit’s Tackle. It has been a dream of mine since I was just a three year old child pulling my first trout through an ice hole to follow in my fathers footsteps and operate the family tackle business. The father and son team of dad and I could have never come this far without your support and belief in Kit’s Tackle. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

Kit’s Tackle was founded by my father, Kit Johnson, AKA the “Jig Man” in the early 1970’s with his enormous passion for the great outdoors. Dad was fortunate enough to have a father that introduced him into the world of fishing at a young age which instilled a lifelong desire for him to be on the water. He can still remember getting butterflies in his stomach thinking about the upcoming weekend, and the fishing adventures it may hold. Along with this passion came a keen eye for what Mother Nature has to offer.

Dad started tying flies at age twelve and has tied almost every day since. He has always had a constant yearning to go to the water with the best tackle possible which created the desire to add unique performance characteristics to the tackle he was using. After several years of on the water testing and refining with thousands of fish caught and released he was able to determine what fish wanted and what it takes to catch them, in even the toughest of conditions. Growing up in Helena, Montana, dad became a local fishing legend which created the demand for the tackle he was using to catch fish. Throughout the years, dad has refined materials and manufacturing methods that let Kit’s Tackle stand alone at the top of the list in the world of fishing.

It has been a great pleasure and fulfillment of dreams for dad to be able to pass this passion along me and to see the excitement it has instilled in my heart. Since I was old enough to tag along behind dad he never took an outdoor adventure without me by his side. He was the kind of father who would hand me the rod every time he would hook a fish. Dad and I share a lifelong collection of magical memories and could tell you fish stories for days. It had always been dads dream for me to take the same love in manufacturing tackle as he did and to pass the family business along to me. I soon became overly addicted/ possessed to the outdoors and intrigued by the family business and all that it entailed. I soon found that making products that allowed people to have the same great days on the water as I touched my heart in a significant way. I wanted people to have as much fun catching fish when on the water as I do. Watching the excitement in someone’s eyes when they tell me about the fish they caught on the tackle I produced sealed the deal in my future. I am a recent University of Montana graduate that attended college to obtain a business degree to scale the family tackle business.In pursuing my dream of running a tackle company, Kit’s Tackle will be raising the manufacturing standard for those who love to fish. I have an entrepreneurial mind, a heart for helping people, and a passion for significance in all I do. Dad and I as a team will be taking Kit’s Tackle to a whole new level, as the sky is the limit.

With this being said, dad has taught me devote ethics over the years and how important it is to be a strong advocate for the future of fishing. Kit’s Tackle has a saying that “success is measured in much more than a paycheck just like fish are measured in much more than inches.” Dad and I are both very active in the community by giving free fishing seminars to the public and stressing the importance of taking children fishing. Kit’s Tackle is active in giving donations ranging from specialty jigs to custom built rods to universities and special benefits and charities. We are also energetic in donating trips to the water and taking kids fishing. Dad and I are both eager to share any secrets that work for us when on the water. We feel that mentoring relationships is of paramount importance to further the future of fishing. By supporting Kit’s Tackle you aren’t just investing in the best fishing products on the face of the earth; you are helping restore and generate a strong and healthy future in the world of fishing.

Wishing you the very best of luck on the water and thank you for “Jiggin’ the Dream” with us.


Trevor Johnson