Glass Minnow Series (ALL COLORS)

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YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS BAIT IN THE WATER TO BELIEVE IT! The glass minnows were founded on their incredible see-through transparent properties exactly mimicking juvenile baitfish and other aquatic forage.  The unique reflective abilities of our secret material bring bright and subtle light together to create an effect that will call fish from extended distances.  While in motion, the material stays tight to the jig creating a fleeing forage effect, then upon pause, the undulating characteristics of the material flares out just like natural fin flare on a frightened baitfish or other aquatic forage. The glass minnow is the powerhouse of new age baits.  Incredibly effective to fish of all species.  JUST ADD WATER!!

  • Hand tied
  • Hand airbrushed
  • Hand brushed 2-part polymer epoxy wash system
  • Most realistic representation of natural forage ever created in a jig
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Hand painted eyes for a realistic, three dimensional emergence
  • UV enhanced
  • 2X strong super needle point Owner hooks
  • 3/4 and 1/0 ounce jigs are salt H2O grade