Pro Series Marabou

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Due to the nature of our hand-crafted products, we appreciate your patience in allowing 10-12 business days for product to ship from our warehouse.

The marabou jig is one of the oldest and most universal fish catching tools on the planet.  My father, Kit, always said, "I could show up to any body of water in the world and catch fish with a plain marabou jig." Our marabou jigs are crafted from the finest marabou plumes from hand selected turkey feathers to create the best jigs man can offer.  We also employ a cross-cut feather technique which makes the marabou much more full and gives it a stronger undulating action in the water that will drive fish into a crazy feeding frenzy. Incredibly desirable to fish of all species!  JUST ADD WATER!!

  • Hand tied
  • Hand airbrushed
  • Hand brushed 2-part polymer epoxy wash system
  • Added krystal flash to increase strike zone
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Hand painted eyes for a realistic three dimensional emergence
  • UV enhanced
  • 2X strong super needle point Owner hooks