Live Creation Crayfish Series

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Due to the nature of our hand-crafted products, we appreciate your patience in allowing 10-12 business days for product to ship from our warehouse.

BBBBBABY, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!!  Absolutely the most realistic creation of a crayfish to ever be engineered in a jig system.  This is an amazing prototype we have been developing, testing and perfecting for over three years.  These craw-daddies are a masterpiece of a fly tying genius combined into a jigging bait for fish of all species.  Made from a wobble head jig to match the perfect motion of a crayfish. Body is made from a synthetic cordura for maximum durability and each bait is meticulously hand tied, glued, and wired.  The antennas are even fresh harvested Montana horse tail hairs.  These are a highly differentiated tie, and we can only manufacture 5-6 of these baits per hour. 

  • Hand tied
  • Hand airbrushed
  • Hand brushed 2-part polymer epoxy wash system
  • Most realistic representation of a crayfish ever created in a jig
  • Virtually indestructible
  • UV enhanced
  • 2X strong super needle point Owner hooks