Name: Scott Azure
Fort Peck Res.
3/8 oz. Perch Flavored Glass Minnow
Walleye from Fort Peck Reservoir. May 2016
Name: Scotty Azure
Fort Peck Lake
Glass Minnow Fire Tiger 3/8oz
Name: Robbie Dockter
Location: Tiber Res, MT
Fish: Walleye

Used the Jailbait flavored Glass Minnow to set my sights on this AWESOME late summer walleye!!

Name: Colby Tognetti
Location: Missouri River MT
Fish: Smokin' Fall River Sauger on GLASS MINNOWS!!
Tackle: Fire Tiger Glass Minnow!!

Name: Mike Castleberry
Location: Lake Diefenbaker, Last Mountain Lake
Fish: Walleye
Tackle: Stand-up Tiger Craw and Ghost Minnow

Cale (age 11) and Casey (age 9) Castleberry with a their limit of Saskatchewan Walleye caught using Kit's Tackle.

Name: Hanks, Upchurch party 3/26/16
Location: Gates of the Mountains
Fish: Rainbow Trout
Tackle: kits jigs and rods
Trevor and Kit....... Thanks for an incredible day of crazy ass scenery, super conversation, history lessons, wildlife viewings and of course "jiggin' the dream" for huge rainbow trout on Holter lake at the gates of the mountains.... It was really a special day you and your father provided for us. Doesn't get any better!!!!!!
Name: Guest
Location: Montana
Fish: Male Rainbow Trout
Tackle: Kit's Tackle Brown/Orange Marabou Jig
Kit's jigs have made a believer out of me! I caught this rainbow the first time I tried Kit's marabou jig.
Name: Whit Rush
Location: Fort Peck
Fish: HUGE Northern Pike
Tackle: 3/8 Fire Tiger Glass Minnow and Gulp

Big November Pike on Kit's Tackle Fire Tiger Glass Minnow!!

Name: Gary Wiese
Location: Columbia River
Fish: 14 lb walleye
Tackle: Kit's Big River Fire Tiger Jigs

My daughter Tia and I with a springtime Columbia River Monster!!

Name: Kris Keller
Location: Missouri River MT
Fish: EYE'S


Name: Alan Sempf
Location: Fort Peck
Tackle: Glass Minnows

"Thought you might like this picture of this fat smalley on one of your 1/2oz Perch Glass Minnows. Walleye, Smallmouth and more Pike than I like were all had on your Jigs on Peck. Love your Jigs!!"

Name: Mark Ward-Captain of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show
Location: Hauser Lake, Missouri River
Fish: Brown Trout
Tackle: Pro Marabou and Glass Minnows

Had an awesome winter day fishing with Kit's Tackle on hauser lake and landed this GREAT brown!!

Name: Kimo Gabriel
Location: Columbia River
Fish: Walleye
Tackle: Kit's!!

Can't believe the amount of detail and the realistic qualities of the jigs.  Awesome hooks and DURABLE!!  "Jiggin' the Dream" on the Columbia River!!

Name: Mike Albrecht
Fish: Rainbow Trout
Tackle: 1/4 ounce Yellow Perch Glass Minnows
Name: Chris Schock
Location: Lake Skinner
Fish: Striper
Tackle: Bluefin Glass Minnow
Name: Guest
Location: Fort Peck
Fish: Walleye
Tackle: Glass Minnow and Walleye jigs
Awesome product Kit. I picked a few of these up at the Glasgow show and they have produced. 29 inch walleye is the big one so far. We are eating good every weekend. Only problem I have is I can't keep the Northerns off them. ORDER ENCLOSED.
Name: Mark Wissinger
Location: Holter
Fish: 35" brown trout
Tackle: 6lb test flourocarbon
Caught this nice brown on a Fire Tiger Glass Minnow jig. This great product provides flash with a nice profile that is very realistic.
Name: Jay Erickson
Location: Missouri River
Fish: HUGE Walleye
Tackle: 1/4 ounce Pro Series Marabou "Yellow Perch"
Caught and released this giant 15+ hen jiggin' the winter Missouri River in Montana!!